That pesky inaugural post

The year is almost over. Yeah, you heard me. The year known as dos-oh-un-dos to some… those that’ve just done their bit reading this post, for one… well, it’s ending soon, and here I am with a brand new blog. I’m not sure if that makes this a fantastic time to start a blog, or a fantastically BAD time.

It’s a time, and I don’t think that shaking the Magic 8-Ball for the perfect date to start on would ever be likely to work.

For starters, “Try again later” isn’t on the calendar.

I wanted to do some kind of tie-in with the picture on the left, one of those tired analogies about clouds and sunsets and silhouettes and possibilities and rainbows and dreams and… well, you get the idea. There’s a few false starts that’ve come to mind while writing up this first post, and it made me realise that like mushrooms on a pizza, there really wasn’t a need for it.

The idea with Mine Neweth Blogge, is to write about whatever comes to mind. I expect that a lot of it will be about things related to fiction. I love to talk about writing, and will pump a lot of opinions about the creative process out through this soapbox of mine. I also expect I’ll talk about other stuff. Could be books, games, movies, food, or just life stuff.

I’m not an authority on many topics, and the ones that I have the knowledge about to the point of currently doing it professionally, they’re not ones I’m likely to bother posting about here. Where’s the fun in being opinionated about what you already know? You can’t make outlandish statements when you know there’s no reasonable excuse for what you’re saying! Okay, so MAYBE I will try to be reasonable in what I do here. There’s no real reason not to be, and I think I’ll be able to maintain this longer if I’m just saying whatever comes to mind, without trying to top some ridiculously high bar for surreal content, existential penguins be damned.

Expect frivolity, fun, and fasci… nating posts about fictioning – or in the common tongue, about writing.

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