Hey, what’s the deal with

Airline food. No, not trying to do a seinfeld bit. Ooh, but do you remember Seinfeld? Boy, that show was the cat’s pyjamas. This is more of a general post about where I’m going with this, and no, I don’t have much of a point.

The Blog?

Fun. That’s it, really. Yes,  I want to talk about writing a lot, imparting my misguided views about the subject, and perhaps even help some people along the way? Writing is something that’s been dear to me for many years, and as much as I love doing it, I also love talking about the craft (or fictioning, as I have stubbornly chosen to refer to it). It’s not just writing that I want to talk about, though. This is my third blog on the topic of writing, and probably the first to be a little casual about it – I’ve had casual/silly blogs before, and they always tend to be more fun. I’ll probably BS about life, games, books, movies, and general thoughts that come to mind. I’ll also try to be a bit more directed in how I write my posts.

The pictures?

It’s really just down to the aesthetics. I like having the text broken up by something other than whitespace, and at the moment (for these short ones), it feels nice and leisurely. They’re all photos taken with my phone, then I go filter-crazy in Luminance to make them look different, and for no good reason either.

The… you?

A writer, a gamer, a major procrastinator, and an idiot. I’m just a regular guy in his early 30s, married, working an office job. There’s two cats, a dog, and occasionally a five-year-old kid who (with some encouragement), makes up stories. There’s a lot more, but that’s the charsheet.

The name?

Like the name I used for most of my personal social media, this name just came to me. It had enough resonance to it without being five mouthfuls of letters, and it was available. Plus yes, I get to be all meta and stupid about made-up words.

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