Wordfiends Anonymous

Many people want to write. For a lot of them, there’s that one book they want to get out of their system. It’s their Wells meets Tolkien, their Heinlein meets Rowling, or some other combination of the styles of their favourite authors. It’s not always that, but it often is.

Sure, the idea of a Time-Travelling Space Wizard has appeal – you only need to look at the BBC to see that – but it doesn’t necessarily have legs. The idea, not the Wizard. Though, maybe…

Nevermind that now.

For those people, that one book is just another checkpoint on a bucket list. There’s others that just write. Could be their own thing, could be fan-fiction, or little scribbles of a few hundred words that tell little nuggets of a story. Whether it’s solo or collaborative, short or long, there’s no wrong way to approach writing. How far you get with it may vary, but it’s about what works for you. You don’t need to know where it’s going, and if you need to be as drunk as Hemingway for the words to flow, well, knock yourself out. Metaphorically, of course.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to write something, the inevitable question comes up: Where did I put my coffee?

Alternatively, or subsequently, what shall I write?

This particular post isn’t about that (those how-to-get-an-idea posts are coming), but just a general idea. If you write, you’re a writer. When you’re in a writing group, go to a writing festival or involved in something like NaNoWriMo, the people that you meet know you that way – as a writer. You could be a painter, electrician, lawyer, student, grandmother, or boy scout… but to those people, you’re still a writer.

The first step is to (begrudgingly) admit it.

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