Even before the title

One of the things I do when I speak to other writers, is to ask them about what they’re writing, and try to prod them for information so that they can think about their stories more objectively. This happens even more when they’re stuck on details, and I have ways of fleshing out ideas, or strengthening existing ones. None of it really addresses the question of what to write about.

It’s vampires. The answer is always vampires.

Wait, no. Let’s do something new. Unlike the way that writing is presented in movies, you don’t always know what to write about, and you definitely don’t always have a title. Many times you merely have a title that you’re tolerant of enough to allow you to actually write. I’ve used a few different ideas in the past to come up with ideas, three of which I’ve done write-ups about.

This is just a quick post to link to the three methods I use to get writing ideas when I want to do something new. I’ve used these methods for NaNoWriMo, fiction of my own, and for the short story I wrote as a proposal for my wife.

They can be used individually, or together with the others. Hopefully they can help other people, too.

Question Method – Elements Method – Ring Method


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