One of the things that’s new to me with this blog, is there seems to be an amazing amount of spam in the comments. Had a look today, and there were somewhere around eighty comments of spam according to what wordpress had caught.

There were 11 that were written close enough to legible that they could be authentic, but I had my doubts about them anyway.

I started this blog because I do want to interact with those that read it, and I don’t want to be in the situation where legitimate comments are held in some forgotten chamber deep beneath the bowels of Castle Fictioner. If you do want to make a comment about an article and find it’s not showing up, try to talk about what the blog’s about in your comment. The eleven I referred to were also vague enough that they could’ve been posted on ANY blog, and made as much sense.

Try not to be vague. I’m sure the tool that does the automatic spam filtering will let the post get through in most cases, but for the times when it doesn’t, if you’re more specific in your comments about an post, it’s a lot more likely I’ll know you do want to interact!

3 thoughts on “Spam

    1. Wow, don’t they ever. My favourite so far would probably be “Your way of explaining all in this piece of writing is actually nice, every one can easily be aware of it, Thanks a lot.”

      I do worry that some MIGHT be from people with poor language skills, so can’t bring myself to trash them all.

      1. Oh yeah…Spam makes you feel great for those first few months of blogging when you’re mostly hearing crickets.

        You can usually tell by the URL and whether there’s a Gravatar associated.

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