My Muse is a Bitch

Somewhere between the real and the fictional, sits an invisible pixie, satyr, yahg or platypus that feeds you ideas. The muse. She (or he, or it) is never around when you want them to be. It’s their fault when we have writer’s block, when we want to abandon the plot we’ve been thrashing through for the sake of the new one about the dancing robot with an elven girlfriend, and when our character decides to jump out of a plane we’re intent on killing them in.

My muse is a bitch.

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Writing is like being in love

Analogies. They’re always fun. When we do it in writing, we tend to use constructs such as similes, metaphors, and other ones that might exist but that I can’t think of. I once had someone stop reading a story I’d written because I’d used a metaphor to describe a creature as being similar to another animal, where they felt it should have been a simile. The illusion was shattered. He could read no more. No, it wasn’t a pretend raven.

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Emergent Storytelling

Over the years, my tastes have changed. I don’t doubt that the way I write is influenced by the way I spend my free-non-writing time. I don’t read as much as I did when I was younger, and tend to value the time I spend on as a reader with a greater degree than I might with other hobbies.

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I’m spontaneous when it comes to writing exercises, be they challenges, word prompts, poems or general practice. In those cases, I usually don’t know what I’ll be writing before I begin, and I let the words take me somewhere new.

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The Clockmaker’s Folly (Part 2 of 5)

Originally when I looked into the whole idea of turning the story into a book, I wasn’t really sure how long it was going to take to write – or at one stage, how long it was going to be.There was a point where I really needed to start wrapping things up, though didn’t know precisely how it was meant to be.

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Get your shit together, Gaming.

I love games. Console, PC, what-have-you. I’ll even go in for the shitty portable game apps at times (though yeah, there’s some great ones too). As a hobby, it’s sat side-by-side with my writing for many years, and as you’ve probably seen from previous posts (unless you’re brand new here), I’ve been influenced by games to a great degree.

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Write What You Breathe

Write What You Know.

I hate Write What You Know. What do we know, though? We know our lives. You can use factors of your life and turn that stale mantra into something helpful. Remember when you were sad that a-billion-times? Use it for a character. Know a shitload about tax law? Tough – I don’t want to read it.

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Building Better Worlds

When I was younger, most of my writing ideas tended toward either fantasy or science-fiction. I suppose not much has changed in that regard. I also used to play mostly adventure games, and the great majority of my favourites went for the same overall genre. The time I spent with the whole Quest for Glory series was… interesting.

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The Clockmaker’s Folly (Part 1 of 5)

Last February, I decided to write a short story for my then-girlfriend. I took inspiration from books, games and TV shows that were dear to us, plus little in-jokes. I used Elements Method. It was going to be 3-4 pages long, and be a Valentine’s Day gift.

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The World Around Us

I find the world to be a fascinating place. Over the past few days, I’ve been talking to some friends that live in climates far colder than where I reside, hearing how to them snow is just an everyday occurrence, and that things like puddles can freeze as a regular thing – it’s actually awe-inspiring to me. I do have that inclination, though. My wife often catches me staring at a sunset with a goofy smile on my face, absorbing the beauty of the world.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those posts. BYO puke bucket.

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Anything good can be subverted, and we can find malaise in things that were joyful once. We are acutely aware of our flaws, wearing them as a shield in one moment, and denying their existence in the next. Those we trust could be a breath away from betrayal, and the unexpected moments in life are never a reason to smile; taxing our time, money, energy and patience when each are already strained.

Cynical much?

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Thickening Agents

I alluded to my roleplaying days briefly in my previous post, but haven’t gone into much detail about it as yet. It took place on a type of server known as a MUSH, which in essence is a chat server where you adopt a character, and move around a series of rooms interacting with other players and whatever coded systems happen to be there.

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Active Characters

Totally mandatory.

An active character is one that takes action with the intent of reaching a goal. They do things because they’re trying to help, or at least do something. They don’t just react to their surroundings, but they attempt to control them.

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Everything Changes

It’s the second week of a new year. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, and haven’t done for quite a few. The last time I did make a resolution, I was totally enthralled with how unique and edgy I was being by making resolutions that I wanted to break. So quirky, right? Well, no.

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Character Assassination

It’s not intentional, but a lot of my thoughts about writing also relate just as easily to other forms of media; usually games, movies or TV shows. I don’t think that it’s at odds with what  remember watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it first aired. Yes, I was a watcher. No, not the Rupert kind.

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