F-something Fridays

Oh damn, that sounds wrong. I don’t mean the verb. F-something!

Hello fictioners! Or stalkers, orc sympathisers, and rebel scum.

I really don’t know a great deal about you, that bless me with your time and patience and eyes. Those that haven’t sent their allocation of eyes through to me yet, the invoice should be along shortly. It’s more of a dastardly plan than a sordid one, so you don’t have to doubt I’ll take good care of them. No, you can get your own damned recipe!

eyeball soup
Perfect with crusty bread, and a dash of white pepper
(Photo credit: schmish)


So yes, see the title? See the picture? See no connection whatsoever?

I’ve wanted to do something special on fridays for a while. Well, since the start of the week. I’d really love to have more participation, more open events for people, and more participation once again. Vicious cycle, new blog, pretty unknown, and not a lot of content yet. Aside from the fact I’m also doing the actual writing I love talking about so much (writing challenge at the moment, bit more on the current project, and a start on an edit of another), I want to hear from you – the other writers! I already have to put up with my thoughts all day, so the addition of yours on here are most welcome.

Special Friday Things often lend themselves to some kind of alliteration. Festive fridays. Follow fridays. Thought of Free-Write Fridays, and it’s a thing. Thought of Fiction Fridays, and it’s a thing. Flash Fiction Fridays also happens. The world seems to LOVE doing special shit on a friday. I was going to use one of those two, but hey, who needs it. I can do my own random F-word. AGAIN, not that one could even go and call it Fictioning Friday, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I’m not going to do a special friday thing. In fact, F-something F-something Fridays! YES, THIS TIME IT IS! When I started this blog post, I thought I would be, but we have the monthly challenge already.

Wiener Schnitzel
Oh god, why did I decide to put a picture of schnitzel here. SO HUNGRY.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead, I’m going to talk about is Voice.

The way you speak and the way you write when not trying to sound all lyrical, is something that’s more or less uniquely you. You might sound like your friends, family, spouse, fellow fans, or team-mates – but there’s you as well. Write two sentences about schnitzel (or just do what I’m doing, and stare at it until the quantity of drool can fill a coffee mug). Your two sentences are going to not only be different to everyone else’s, they’re going to sound different. The way you describe things, the way you show the reader around your world, or tell them what’s happening. Nobody else can do you like you (not to be confused with the adolescent motto of ‘Only you would do you’).

Editing, quality and all of that supposedly writer stuff aside, just write the way that feels natural to you. While it’s important to know the rules (guidelines, really) of writing so you know which one’s your breaking, if you can be understood and have something interesting to say, that’s what matters. The way Cormac McCarthy does dialogue is something I would never do, and would have trouble reading, but The Road won a pulitzer without a single quotation mark.

Don’t try to be a writer. Just write.

One thought on “F-something Fridays

  1. I have one thing to say about this post. SCHNITZEL OMG. And have you tried that place on the internet that you put some of your writing into and it tells you who you write like? Also that piece in the news this week that talked about how they could catch hackers just by their style of coding. (:

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