Why Write?

I was sure that I’d touched on this before. One of the most peculiar questions to me that I’ve had about writing, is why I even do it. Why write? The question was peculiar to me, because as someone that had spent decades working on stories (even if they amounted to little more than additional memories for me), I couldn’t really understand the question being one.

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Challenge #2 Results

So, February’s challenge happened, and since it’s just about the end of the month, time for the result post. My entry is longer than the previous, and definitely went somewhere unexpected. I started with two friends that I was fairly certain were about to get freaky, and it just went somewhere else entirely. Is it still about love, or romance?

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Witing wuv and womance

Whiwe you’re cowwectivewy bweathing sighs of welief that we’re as far from another Vawentine’s Day as we could possibwy be, it’s time to gwab those last vestiges of twue wuv and womance that are twying to wwiggle out of your veins, and thwow it into your witing. Specificawwy with your chawacters, and the four-letter-L-word.

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Why I’m happy with The Cave

It took all of twenty seconds of research for me to be interested in The Cave. I had adventure games from my very first computer, onwards, and some of the games that’ve stayed in my memory longest have been such games. I played through most of the Lucasarts and Sierra catalogues, as well as the more-than-occasional other.

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Monthly Writing Challenge #2

February is a strange month. It’s the shortest of the year, though there’s still time enough for love. It’s the last month of the extreme seasons in each hemisphere, and usually when the weather tries to give itself a worthy send-off. The major global events of the month are Chinese New Year, That’s What She Said Day (Feb 15th), and St Valentine’s Day.

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Don’t Forget To Wipe! How to clean up a Stinker of a Novel

Once you’ve excised the not-so-great parts of your novel, give it a once-over to ensure there’s nothing left dangling.

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Mass Effect 3: The Ur-Quan Masters

I did it. I finally played the Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3. I have a bizarre relationship with the game, because I love the universe it takes place in, love the multiplayer, the characters, and the overall story. It’s just that damned ending that keeps getting in the way of my enjoyment!

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Rhythm of the Words

“It rose up before me like an angry giant threatening to bring down a bloody fist upon my head. The ribbing of its legs ready to stomp at-” . “Wait, you’re talking about the tree? Still?” . “Yes Tara, I’m telling you about the tree. A stompy giant tree. Alright yes, the tree.”

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The Waking Lull

This happens all too often with me. There is a gap, or some really unreasonable distraction that emerges to wreak havoc on any sense of being orderly. It’s happening a little with my writing at the moment, both in terms of the novels I want to work on, but also with relation to this blog. I have a sense of errgh.

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