The Waking Lull

This happens all too often with me. There is a gap, or some really unreasonable distraction that emerges to wreak havoc on any sense of being orderly. It’s happening a little with my writing at the moment, both in terms of the novels I want to work on, but also with relation to this blog. I have a sense of errgh.

A queasy feeling, or some other general type of discomfort. It is usually around this time, too, where I think that I’ve exhausted all that I’m really able to say. It isn’t the case, but there’s a feeling of it anyway.

I’ve decided upon the challenges for the remainder of the year, so instead of running them as individual posts, I’ll actually put up a static page that’ll get updated throughout the year with the links to posts about each challenge, and the results. That may come today, but I can’t guarantee so at this stage. Despite having a list, I’m pretty damn listless. I’m still getting ideas, though I don’t know if they fit best into ones I should already be writing, or into something brand new. I know these are stages all writers go through, whether they actually get the writing done or meander around without direction or focus.

Perhaps my Muse needs an office in which to work, or a night of decent sleep. Not so much about the quantity, but the restfulness of it. There is a challenge coming up that all this would be really handy for, but it isn’t the one I have planned for February. I do write a lot by hand, but for the stage I’m at with the older fic, I need to be editing (which is a lot different to do by hand). I don’t really have a good space in which to work when it comes to using a computer, and have never really been able to write well via typing unless it was at a desk.

Anyway, I’m not abandoning the blog, or even getting lazy. It’s just hard to maintain what is probably blind optimism for any decent length of time.

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