That whole grisly ‘Death’ thing

Death. It’s one of the constants of life. We’re all born with a best-before date; a point in time in which we’ve done with our breathing, breeding and breaking. It isn’t something most of us have to deal with on a daily basis, but the reaper is coming.

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Our Responsibility as Writers

I wrote Shimmer in the month of November, 2009. In the space of those thirty days, it went from a ten-point-plan, to the longest thing I’d ever written. Fifty-three-thousand words. The most I’d ever done before was around 12K, and that was over the space of a much longer period of time, and resembled an embellished plan rather than a readable novel.

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One hundred ways to say it

I can’t remember exactly why I stopped being so secretive about my writing. I recall a point in time where I’d be ridiculously vague (even in comparison to how terribly vague I still am now), and then the now, where I’ll share early snippets of my writing, or allude to characters, and all that goodness that shows I’ve been writing and not just procrastinating.

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How Sinister! Challenge #3 Results

I made a false start with my challenge. I started on a book, Farlander, a fantasy about a bunch of theocratic warriors in a fantasy, or something like that. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t read it. The style was just too overwrought for me, so I decided to pick something different.

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The Mood of your Story

Sometimes when I start these, I’m sure that I’m retreading old ground. Okay, yes, it’s ALL old ground considering somebody else has covered every single thing about writing you can imagine at some point (even Ring Method, despite my self-indulgent glee at ‘discovering’ it).

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The Meaningful Bits

Sometimes writing is a slow process. I’ll get one or two ideas stuck in my head, and decide that THOSE are the ideas that deserve my time, at the expense of everything else I’m working on. I’ve been doing bits and pieces for this month’s challenge, and have read the book that I’ll be doing the write-up about, but I’m very preoccupied at the moment. Two things are doing it.

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The Importance of Voice

I never understood the attraction to what I was writing. Maybe in the many attempts to analyse the creative process (the one I went through, anyway), I somehow demystified an inherently magical activity. Sure, I love the ideas that I have, but when I put in down, I never considered it to be anything special.

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Monthly Writing Challenge #3

It’s that time already – and look guys, I’m organised for once! Well, more organised than usual. I wanted to get this challenge in quickly (and you conscientious folk that are presumably doing it secretly already know it anyway-haha, right), because it involves more than just writing.

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