A dose of serendipity

I didn’t really intend to blog again so soon – not even going to pretend otherwise – but now, I have to. I HAVE TO.

I went out at lunchtime, not really sure what I wanted to eat. It’s a rainy day today, and I wasn’t that hungry, but I like to go out before it hits 2pm. Walked around for a while, listening to music. Ate random dead things, while listening to some Ennio Morricone. I thought about finding a table to write at, but ended up walking around. Ended up at JB Hifi, a music/games/movie retailer (for those of you playing from overseas). By chance, I saw a movie I’d only seen once before, but that stuck with me for some reason.

High Noon, starring Gary Cooper. It’s a western, about a sheriff who sent some bad guys to jail to protect a town. Those bad guys get released, and are coming back. He stands his ground, despite all the townsfolk who supported him trying to distance themselves from it all. Picked it up, and thought “Hey, might as well look around some more.”

Jump forward, I run into another movie that I’ve wanted to get on blu-ray for a while. Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky. We’ve got two copies of it at home already, but those are just DVDs. I won’t go into details, because it’s either a) known to you, or b) should be, in which case just go watch it and every other Studio Ghibli movie.

As I was in line, something occurred to me. Those movies had a link, one that should have been BLINDINGLY obvious to me. It’s doubtful you know the link though. The link is a story concept I’ve had on a to-do list for a long time. I used to go through periods where I had so many ideas, yet didn’t know which one spoke to me most. Classic three stooges syndrome, in idea form. It got to the point where I actually asked myself the question of what I should work on, in a dream. Peculiarly, that’s where I got an answer.

Yup, the same story concept that sits somewhere in between those two movies.

Originally I was going to write it for NaNoWriMo in 2009, but came up with another idea. Then in 2010, I wrote the prequel to the concept. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hashing out plans for a science fiction piece, that sits in an overall timeline earlier than the piece, and well… I feel giddy right now. I think it’s very, very clear that this is the story I need to be working on. It’s an exciting feeling to know what you should be writing, but wow. To have it about an old idea, is something new.

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