Monthly Writing Challenge #3

It’s that time already – and look guys, I’m organised for once! Well, more organised than usual. I wanted to get this challenge in quickly (and you conscientious folk that are presumably doing it secretly already know it anyway-haha, right), because it involves more than just writing.

What you have to do for March, is find a book. Almost any book, but something you haven’t read before, and that you have no prior association with. Been waiting to start book five of that new science novel, or re-read that classic you’ve been wanting to visit again for the past few months?

Pictured: A decidedly un-new book.


You’re going to read something new. A story that’s new to you, but a setting you’ve never read before too. It can be a genre that you love, but the point is that you need to read something. In fact, let’s make it harder, and make it something you haven’t seen the movie of too (which could’ve happened).

I want fresh exposure to the characters, to the setting, and the story.

The writing task is to deconstruct the book, in what might come across as a sort of book review. Pick out the characters, their flaws, virtues, motivations – all that good stuff that you do when you’re planning your own book. Write about the perspective that the author uses, how they describe their setting. Make note of the things that grab you, or confuse you, or that just didn’t work to you. If you think this requires a different kind of reading, you’re possibly right. You’ll need to be a lot more conscious about what you’re reading, thinking about each part.

You can make notes as you go, especially if you see alternate paths the story could’ve taken. Just go nuts with analysis of it.

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