My Slightly Competitive Streak

Tangent time.

I started this blog, back at the start of December 2012. I wanted to do something that sat somewhere in between two of my old blogs – the levity of one, and the content of the other. Well, a bit of both.

The result was this place. I haven’t had a great track record when it comes to sticking to the maintenance of blogs, so that I’m still fairly active at this four months later is a great sign.

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done here, and what I’ll hopefully continue to do. This post will be my 66th on I’m stunned by that fact. The stuff I’ve written about writing mightn’t be well known, but I’m still proud of it, and stand by it. It’s all an approximation of my knowledge on writing, as best as I’m able to condense while serving the various whims I jump into.

There’s not an ‘abundance’ of followers, but last week saw the first time people interacted with each other in the comments page (instead of with me). It was a good feeling, and something I really hope continues to happen in the future. If the things I write become starting points for conversations about writing, then That. Is. Amazing.

I don’t write this stuff for acclaim, but because I ought to. I’m still human, though.

I entered this blog into the Australian Writer’s Centre’s “Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition”. Is mine one? I don’t know. That all gets judged by fancy judges – possibly in costume, but I really don’t know. As an addition to the official competition part, they have a People’s Choice Award. It’s decided by people. People like you.

I don’t know why they’d trust even a People’s Choice Award with people – Democracy doesn’t work! – but they did. Yeah, this is the bit where I sell my soul let you know about how you can vote. That would be here. You can vote for multiple blogs, but only register your vote once. Fictioner’s Net is on the second page of the nominees. That’s really all I’ll say. If you’ve only just happened here, the best showcase of what I’ve written can be found on the About page.

Would you kindly vote for this site?
Would you kindly vote for this site?

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