The Character’s Voice

I love my characters. All of them. Even the most hideously twisted souls amongst them, I love them. Whether it’s the protagonist, the antagonist, a love interest, mentor, filler character or random extra, they’re all special. It’s a bit like life.

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Greetings, Weary Traveller

This is to those that randomly happen across this blog because of google – please stick around, or hey, say something. With the exception of the folk that are always looking pictures of jellyfish, I see so many topics come up in the search string, that I really wish I could talk to them. Someone searched for ‘ur quan masters vs mass effect’, and didn’t stick around to chat!

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The Perils of Urgency

Keeping up with people is never easy, and it’s also never the way. Whenever something breaches new territory in a medium, it very often starts a trend, and the medium is then inundated with other attempts to capitalise on the trend until the idea is thoroughly beaten to death.

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Overcoming Writing Hurdles

I’ve been working on a rewrite for a while now. I didn’t want this to be a straight edit, because the original opener for this was something I’d written hastily. I also struggled with rewriting the original first scene of the novel, and for some reason, convinced myself that if I got past this ridiculous scene, I would unlock my chakra or chi or muse or well, some innate writing force within myself.

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The Challenge With Challenges

My hindsight has a lag time. It comes to me, and I ignore it, sure that it’s just a current of negativity that wants to derail progress. I’ve had that happening with me since the middle of April, when I wrote down an idea for my writing challenges for 2014.

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Old Grounds

We got our first computer when I was about eleven. I’d used them before, at either school or at a friend’s house (I’m sure I’ve mentioned a VIC-20 and Commodore 64 in a previous post), but we didn’t have one at home until I was in year 6. Translate that to whatever grade is age appropriate for an eleven-year-old if you’re not Australian.

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On Expression: The Roads Run Down

There’s a moment of realisation in writing, when you look at the expressions that you use by instinct, and realise that the first-shot may not be the best. I’m a firm believer in the important of voice when it comes to writing, but there’s a difference between what comes first, and what comes naturally.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness

I don’t remember when exactly between 10pm and 11pm it was, but when I was a kid, weeknights at whichever time it was, I’d watch Star Trek. Repeats of the original series would show each night, and I’d get excited about staying up late to join Kirk, Spock, Bones and the rest of the crew on their five year mission. Today, I got to do it again.

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Why Do Words Suddenly Appear

It’s time for a breakdown. Not the nervous “I haven’t had a book published and probably won’t ever” kind, but an analysis. Sometimes my story just happens, and other times I need to work for it. Certain characters come fully-formed, where I have a sense of what they’re like, but overall, there’s no real method that I can tell.

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Monthly Writing Challenge #5: The Tortured Artist

Most people, even writers, have comfortable lives. We manage. Nothing is as bad as we make it out, and by the very virtue of having a sated appetite, a place to sleep, and an internet connection – you’re probably doing okay.

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