Comments and Socialness and Internet, Oh My!

I love comments. I get more excited about them than I do likes or follows, because it means I provoked someone enough that they wanted to add to the conversation in some way. It’s bloggy bliss.

For someone that tends to avoid socialising, I gain an inequitable amount of enjoyment from interacting people via the internet. Always text-based, since voice or video… who has time for that, really?

It’s not as though I don’t enjoy socialising in person, but it’s a lot of effort, and my mind is always preoccupied with thoughts of “why are these people even listening to me, instead of telling me to go die and rot in a hole?”

At work, when someone leaves the company, they often send around an email providing everyone with their personal email address. I can’t recall once ever feeling like I should save the email to contact them in the future because they would want to hear from me. Waah, poor me. The same applied to people I went to school with – some would add me on facebook, but for the most part, I’d have no feeling that there were people I should be in contact with. I wasn’t the sort of person that stayed in contact with friends for years after school or uni. I’d make an effort for a while, but if I stopped, that was the last of it until Facebook.

With that little corner of the internet, suddenly I had people I hadn’t spoken to years connected to me. Wouldn’t you know it though? I rarely spoke to them there at all. The few times I attempted to talk to some, there’d be little to no response. Consistently so. So I started dropping people off. Occasionally they’d notice, and one guy thought it was because he’d been a jerk – but it really came down to life. If I saw this person on the street, did I expect that they’d stop to say hi, or that they’d even recognise me?


I actually get most interaction with other people from Twitter, but the interactions are always so short – and prone to misinterpreting.

Here and there make a nice change. I interact with people I generally don’t know, and more or less feel like they’re doing it because they want to. I know if I suddenly stopped having a presence in either space, it would go unnoticed. I’m a realist in that sense. Or pessimist, maybe. It does provide some source of joy, though – there’s quite a few people that I occassionally interact with on the internet that I’d love to talk about writing or games or movies or society or… lots, over a coffee or wine or whatever.

But hey, realist. Those things aren’t going to happen.

But we still have the comments and the tweets.

6 thoughts on “Comments and Socialness and Internet, Oh My!

  1. I completely agree with this. I am not very social when it comes to the “real world” either, but I love talking to people here. I am such a comment ham as well. So here we go, feeding each others addictions again. 🙂

    1. The strange thing is when I force myself to interact with others, it does sometimes become a positive experience – not enough that I’d ever consider being social as a norm, but .. I guess I didn’t have a point.

      Yes though, feed me more comments. FEEED THE HUNGER

  2. I have to say I get insanely excited over comments on my blog posts as well. There is just something wonderful with being able to connect over a thought or idea… To inspire others to think about things maybe in a different light. I too, do not really like to socialize much, but the realm of interwebs is a wonderful thing! Making possible the conversations that often would not otherwise happen!

    1. It’s so true. Years ago, I used to participate in the Lionhead forums quite a lot, and just loved being able to carry conversations about topics over and over, delving into them with details and such.

      Plus hey, the occassionally-be-a-smartass thing. If I helped someone, that’s good. If I made them laugh, also good.

      1. That is just it! Actually one of the up and coming things on my blog on Friday’s is going to be just that! A correspondence of sorts, delving into details and philosophy of writing, just taking things a step further with humor and strangeness with another writing friend of mine **grins** I love the versatility of blogging!

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