Overcoming Writing Hurdles

I’ve been working on a rewrite for a while now. I didn’t want this to be a straight edit, because the original opener for this was something I’d written hastily. I also struggled with rewriting the original first scene of the novel, and for some reason, convinced myself that if I got past this ridiculous scene, I would unlock my chakra or chi or muse or well, some innate writing force within myself.

I altered the flow of the first chapter, so that the original first scene was instead the third. The first scene now was about introducing the characters, the second, for one of the antagonists (and to unveil the immediate dangers that faced the protagonists), and moved that original first scene to the third, where the world could be explored a little further.

That third scene is finally complete. I finished it last night. Okay sure, there may be editing ahead (just like there was editing to do for the first and second scenes, which seriously puzzled me at how they were still afflicted by my legendary ability to (without realising) write something that stops abruptly instead of

Last night, I drafted my plans for the fourth scene of the chapter. Today, I started writing it. I’m not sure if it’s the revitalised energy of a writer that’s had a night surrounded by writers, or the predicted post-hurdle thrill, but it’s been my most productive hour of writing this month. Can’t wait to type up what I’ve done for the day, and with luck, potentially close out the new first chapter.

For anyone else that’s struggling with a scene, think about what your intended outcomes are, and the tone you want. Let everything else be optional, even if you have a killer line of dialogue that you feel needs to be said by a character. Let it all slide, and focus on finishing the scene. It’s better to struggle with it now, than to come back to it later and have no idea what you were trying to do.

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