Greetings, Weary Traveller

This is to those that randomly happen across this blog because of google – please stick around, or hey, say something. With the exception of the folk that are always looking pictures of jellyfish, I see so many topics come up in the search string, that I really wish I could talk to them. Someone searched for ‘ur quan masters vs mass effect’, and didn’t stick around to chat!

I’m sure I searched for the same comparison when I first wrote that post, and it isn’t the only time I’ve made the comparison between the two. Someone found here by searching for AGI Studio, for King Graham’s sake! I used to be in that community, and had written about it here. Idioms in dialogue, MASS EFFECT ALTERNATE ENDINGS, and seriously, so many other topics. I blog exclusively about things that interest me, and the things that go into posts are just bite-sized pieces. There’s honestly so much that hasn’t been said, and not all of it is better left un-so. If it’s something about writing, or Mass Effect, gaming, or hey, anything I’ve written, say hi! I’m not going to mock you.

Same goes if you’ve come here from someone’s blog, or have linked to here from a place of your own. I happened across a Sherlock fandom site last night, and I was honestly thrilled that people actually think I know what I’m talking about (besides me). Even more because it was from people that don’t know me, and have no reason to be biased toward me. I suppose if there’s something you do want me to talk about with regard to writing (or anything), let me know!

I suppose this is also as good a time as any to reveal in a more official sense that I’ve been working on something I call “The Plan Plan”, which is intended to be a walkthrough for writing up your own story plan (if that’s the sort of thing you wanted to do). It obviously follows my own personal methods, and those probably won’t work for everyone (they don’t even work for me all the time), but could potentially be helpful. Lastly, there is now a facebook page for the blog!


Looking for Jellyfish? This one may suffice.
Looking for Jellyfish? This one may suffice.


3 thoughts on “Greetings, Weary Traveller

    1. Thank you so much. Had a very nice weekend, even if the weather was kind of lousy. Thanks for taking a look at the blog, too 🙂

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