Imagination: Space for Lease

It feels strange going back over old pieces of writing. It’s not that it’s woefully bad. Well, the terrible quality of it isn’t why it’s strange. I vaguely remember writing bits and pieces of it, and can pinpoint the source to back when I was seventeen, though there’s now another seventeen years of life thrown on top of my running tally. What I find strange about the writing, is how very different the style is.

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Those that Loom and Lurk

Given the choice between the known and unknown, the unknown is often scarier. It’s the more exciting of the two when it comes to a chance to explore or engage in an opportunity, but when it comes to an obstacle between us and our goals, it’s best when it’s a known quantity.

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The Bits That Don’t Fit

The closest thing to a truth I’ve found in writing, is that not everything you write belongs in the story. Writers are often told that they must kill, murder, or exterminate their darlings.

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