A ‘State of the Blog’ Thingy

State of the Blog? It’s decent.


I’m actually interested in some of the stats, and while I would not be surprised to see more exciting or impressive numbers from some of the people that read this, I really wanted to share. This might satisfy the curiosity of other wordpress bloggers who don’t really have a good comparison for what a small blog might get by way of an audience.

I started Fictioner’s Net in December, 2012, with the first post on the 4th. Since that day, until now, it’s been just over six months. In that time there has been a total of 2221 views according to wordpress, and 145 blog followers (with the rest of the number comprised of social media followers). There is a total of 96 comments on the blog, whilst there’s been a ridiculous 1629 spam comments filtered. The most views I’ve had on a single day was 53, which happened twice, the last of which was on my birthday.

The most common search term used to find this blog on google is jellyfish.

The split for the top ten pages on the blog are as follows:

Home page / Archives 825
About 75
Writing Challenges 53
Character Assassination 53
The Twelfth Doctor 52
Star Trek: Into Darkness 49
Our Responsibility as Writers 47
Greetings, Weary Traveller 46
Seven Signs Your Characters Will Try To Kill You 44
Are you a bad enough dude to play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? 44

The most likes on any one post is 31, which was on Greetings, Weary Traveller.

There have been a total of 90 posts to date (including this one), and there are 15 pages (though some are virtually empty at the moment). All of the posts have been my own content.

I do intend to reblog other people’s stuff at some stage, but it feels odd to me, like I’m trying to capitalise on their content – I don’t feel that way about people reblogging my stuff, because there it feels like they’re helping me. Totally makes zero sense.

In the future I’m hoping to have some guest posters, and encourage anybody who’s interested in doing one to contact me. I’d also like to increase the number of blogs I link to, but feel that should be a symbiotic relationship (so, a link exchange) – and if anyone’s interested in either of those things, talk to me!

Do feel free to share my blog as far and wide as you wish. If there’s even a chance that the things I write are either a) helpful or b) entertaining, to anybody at all, I see that as a little step closer to success.


Anyway, that’s the state of the right-now for this blog. Very flattered to have you as my audience.

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