Supanova 2013

So, here’s a quick one. This weekend, I went to Supanova in Sydney, which is basically a local Comic-Con type event. There are three highlights for me…

First of all, my wife and I got to meet Carrie Fisher. It was big. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid, and never wavered from that. I was nervous as hell and really fricking excited. Everyone we saw walk away with their autograph had it accompanied by the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. I’ve only been that excited to meet a celebrity once before, and that was Jennifer Hale at last year’s Supanova. I heard via one of the guys that do the R2 droids that she was reunited with the R2-D2 replica, and exclaimed “We meet again at last”, or something to that effect.

Second, was a wonderful seminar with Raymond E. Feist. I’ll confess that I haven’t read much of his work, and thereby can’t claim to be a huge fan of his written work, but haven’t heard him speak to a crowd and answer questions, I am a fan of the man himself. There were many questions about his writing process, and I found his take on it to be just wonderful. I went to the Sydney Writer’s Festival earlier in the year, and had listened to other writers talk about writing (even some about fantasy itself), and yet none of it came close to what he had to say. None of it resounded with me. Maybe it’s because my writing has been struggling, and I have found myself often planning sequels ahead of time, or because sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is any good. It felt like everything he had to say was specifically tailored to my own unasked questions, when the truth is that by virtue of being a writer, he’s been through this too. I feel a stronger urge to read his material now, but also the pull of my own work is happening again.

Lastly, thanks to chance, I was able to spend some of Supanova with my son, who was at his first. Seeing him on a saturday was a special treat (for both of us), and being able to revel in some joint geekery. It’s an experience I didn’t really have myself – not Supanova as it didn’t exist when I was a kid – but sharing an interest in science fiction and fantasy from other family members. I have memories of putting Stargate on TV while the lounge room was empty, everyone deciding they wanted to watch TV, and being overruled – then going to hide on the computer to write or play games. It’s why it’s important for me to encourage him to embrace what he’s really interested in, because I had to learn by myself that there wasn’t anything wrong with what I liked, and it’s something I’m constantly trying to remember.

As a general wrap-up, I’m still annoyed that I’ve yet to cosplay. I may only have the body for a Volus costume at the moment, but I’m feeling more serious about wanting to. Just need to work out ideas of what, and then the long road of how.

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