It’s Alive!

Howdy Howdy Howdy!

Yeah, it’s news time.

First on the list, is that fairly soon, there should be a guest post here from one of my other writing contacts. We’re doing an article swap between our two blogs, so that also means I’ll be guesting somewhere else.

Second, with the blessing of the current Municipal Liaison, I’ve officially applied to be the co-ML for NaNoWriMo in Sydney! Yes, all official, and actually applied. You may/may not know that I ran the SydNaNo feed on twitter last year, and yup, that’ll all be happening again. My cohort and I have started planning out some ideas, despite NaNo not starting until November, but I think it’s required or the year just runs away from us.

Third bit of news, PAX. Yes, I only dabble in the gaming-related posts here, but there’s no denying that I love my games. There is a post on one aspect of that in the works at the moment, but impromptu segue, I’m going to PAX. My lovely wife surprised me with a ticket to the saturday of PAX Australia, so I’m looking forward to that.

Fourth of all, last night I had the opportunity to hang out with some friends I’ve known since High School. Amidst reminiscing and revelry, I was asked about how my writing is going, and how the blog is performing. It was great being asked. Did make me want to be clear about something here though, and that’s that this site is 100% entirely unprofitable. I don’t make money from it, and honestly, do this for the love of writing, for as many writers as I can. When I’m finally published, it could be that the blog helps with pushing my wares, but I’m not doing it for that either. I just love words, mine, yours and ours.

What’s alive, though?¬†

I’ve alluded to it before, but here it is. Finally done.

It's Completed!
It’s Completed!

The Plan Plan!

The Plan Plan is my “How to plan a novel” series, which cannibalised a lot of the content I’ve written here, as well as throwing in some new stuff. The idea behind that was to convert the unofficial guide to writing a plan that I used to workshop with last NaNoWriMo, into something that could be used whether I was around or not.

Is it perfect? Yes. For me, at least. It may not be perfect for you, but I don’t think it can hurt the planners amongst you. There are some examples of the various methods I use for writing, and some really great examples of bad story ideas (which are intended merely as teaching tools).

I really hope that this is useful to somebody besides myself, and yes, that’s the process I encourage others to go through, especially for NaNoWriMo, and even more especially when they want to do it but don’t know what to write about.

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