Why Getting It Wrong Is Right

For the sort of thing I’m about to say, I spend way too long trying to work out the right opening line. In the end it didn’t matter, because this post is not about reaching for perfection, but not doing so. I’m not advocating that we strive for mediocrity, or set a hole-ridden plot of flaws and cliches as our goal. We should instead be working toward completion, errors be damned.

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Coming Home: PAX Australia



Reading Penny Arcade was just something that was done as someone who loved videogames, and though I had never gotten involved with tabletop, wargaming or various nerdy (and I use that term lovingly) card games, there was a great deal of representation for my preferred gaming poison.

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Something Borrowed

Sometimes we get stuck. The story we’re writing stops working, or the words don’t feel right (if they’re coming out at all). There’s many ways to counter that miasma, and get us producing words again.

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A Commitment

Is it a surprise to anyone that writing takes time? The quality changes with experience, but few wordsmiths can push out exactly what they want on the first go. Even if they could, it takes time, from the 5-10K of a short story through to ranges between 50-250K for either novellas, novels or tomes. There’s no escaping that.

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I Would Play 400 Days, and I Would Play 400 More

Earlier this year, I attended a seminar on “Storytelling in Games” (relevant post). In that post, I spoke about The Walking Dead: The Game, of which clips were briefly shown. I hadn’t played it at the time, but eventually got around to it.

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Guest Post: Starting a Creative Writing Group

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m a technical writer by day and a creative writer all the rest of the time I’m awake. I run a writing blog over at Adventures in Text and a web serial called Starwalker. I also have the Apocalypse Blog series of ebooks available. I’m heavily involved in my local writing community, organising and running writing-related events, and Nick asked me to come by and share some of my experience with you lovely people.

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