The Gamer’s Journey

For the second time around, I’ve written something on storytelling in games. To make things a little different, this time I sought the wisdom and experiences of others. This here post is merely to announce it to the world, and link to the relevant bits. The most important thing to get out of the way, is that I’m really honoured to have had such remarkable people offer me their time and input, so that I could write more about it.

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Writing Musts: Grappling With The Craft

For someone that spends a lot of time suggesting ideas to writers about what they should do, even with the obvious disclaimers that the methods I use might be completely opposed to your natural workflow, I really have a hard time with people telling other writers how to write.

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Writing Musts: Divorcing the Ego

There is a lot of romance attached with the idea and ideals of being a writer, and many images that have come to be associated with it due to the presentation of writers through different mediums. Though probably not the one featured on this post.

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The Love Story

The relationships between the characters can be worth more than the characters themselves. Lifelong friendships, sibling rivalry, a nemesis – a speck on the palette of what can be done. Love itself is a part of fictional worlds much as it is our own, and there are many kinds of it.

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