The Months Ahead

Almost at the end of September, and there’s a few small bits of housekeeping and the like I need to do here. I’ll be absent for a little while, and possibly won’t post much until mid-October, as today I’ll be flying to Shanghai for a two week holiday.

When I get back, October will start seeing the busy of NaNoWriMo start to pile up, with the first of the planning events, a kick-off party, and a drinks night. If you’re in Sydney, get yourself to the NaNo website.

November isn’t going to fare much better here, as I’ll be actually doing NaNoWriMo. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy by working on my writing plan for November, and will using the opportunity of being in another city to absorb the whole ‘being in another city’ thing, and potentially use the location as either a place in my novel, or as a jumping point for a fictitious place in it.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy with writing, strongly consider doing NaNoWriMo this November. You don’t have to write fifty-thousand words of jibberish. Sure, some people will think that the addition of a sentient toothbrush and a talking purple elephant to somebody’s dark high-fantasy epic is fine because it’s NaNo and it adds words, but there’s also people that want something they’d be proud to be working on at the end. While it’s not about quality over quantity, you still want to have a basic concept that is quality enough that once you’ve gotten to the end of November, you still want to work on the story (albeit after a break).

If you are doing it but also have other friends with an interest in writing, bring them along. Those of us that are a little unbalanced when it comes to their love of writing tend to know other people that often express a wish to do the same. Tell them they can, and SHOULD.

Anyway, enjoy the next two weeks 😀

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