A More Precise Place

When writing in a setting beyond personal experience, research and exploration can steal months or more. Whether it’s a real location or one that’s come from the imagination, there is always more that could be known.

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Timing, The Many Worlds Theory and Revision

A lot of writing, the physical act of writing anyway, is not really writing. Technically it is, but there’s often more time spent on rewriting, which is a special type of writing that’s meant for a specific purpose. So long as we’ve learned to let go of hang-ups with perfectionism, we’re aware that the bits we write down first are going to need fixing.

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As an overall summary, NaNoWriMo was a very positive experience this year. I hit my target and still love my story, despite spending two months planning it before I got to November – which honestly made me fear burn-out. It was very busy socially; the highlights of the month always come down to the people I meet during November, and this year I met a lot of amazing people.

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