As an overall summary, NaNoWriMo was a very positive experience this year. I hit my target and still love my story, despite spending two months planning it before I got to November – which honestly made me fear burn-out. It was very busy socially; the highlights of the month always come down to the people I meet during November, and this year I met a lot of amazing people.

It was also my first year as a co-runner of events, and while wrangling people together and trying to encourage to keep on working with their novel isn’t easy, in some ways I think I’ve been moving toward that sort of role for a long while. The blog would be one of the kickers that make me think that.

This blog was brought about by the latent fires of enthusiasm that started during last November, as my old much-too-serious writing blog didn’t quite hold the appeal for me, and my defunct gaming blog had gone too long without a post to consider picking it up again. In two days, it’ll be a year since the first post on here. 130 posts, 26 pages, 164 comments (though most of them mine), 5734 views, 216 wordpress followers, and over 500 likes. Far, far above what I expected would come, and while often my posts are targeted at myself (as a way to put my thoughts or approach to writing into some sort of order), it’s brilliant that some of it is helpful to others.

Where I go from here:

  • Finishing the story. Can’t let the momentum stop just because November is over, but I can relax on the pace. Actually filled my writing book cover to cover, so time for a fresh book to continue with.
  • Organising writing groups. Lots of people came to write-ins, and a lot of them live near each other. Going to help them get their things sorted.
  • More posts. The blog is in need of some non-nano posts, which will fall under the banner of writing and whatever else comes up (gaming, movies, TV, etc).
  • I’m also in the process of trying to pick what I’ll work on next, while I give the NaNo-novel some time to breathe. It’ll either be doing a new draft of The Clockmaker’s Folly, or last year’s nano.
  • I’m not sure. No, really. 2014 will probably be crazy. Let’s just get through the rest of this year first.

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