My 2014 Writing Goals

I don’t do resolutions. I used to, but I broke them. Then I started making resolutions with the intent to break them. I’d resolve to not be more confident, or not to exercise. If I was going to break them, I’d just do it.

Sometimes you want to start something on what feels like a clean slate, without having to invent a made-up calendar to accompany the made-up calendar that everyone accepts as a thing. At other times, you see the world differently – when you’re really excited about your goals, you don’t want to wait until an arbitrary first day of something to begin – you’re ready right away.

This isn’t so much a set of resolutions, and I’d be surprised if I get through all of these. Some aren’t meant as milestones, but ongoing events. Other bits are things with a clear finish, which I’d really be annoyed at myself if I don’t get there with them. If my novel doesn’t get to a state where I’d be happy to show people (though maybe not agents/publishers/wider audiences), then I will not be proud of what I’ve done/not done. Bits maybe, but not with regard to that.

Anyway, these are my goals for 2014, which are really just continuations of things started before 2014.


Finish the first draft of my 2013 novel (FMTEE) that I started for NaNoWriMo.

Run a successful, welcoming writing group that writes.

Create a collaborative world with my writing group, and have everyone write short stories in it.


Edit FMTEE and complete a second draft of it (by which stage it should be okay for beta-readers)




Engage with other writers.

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