I’ve been pretty quiet here lately. Maybe a little too quiet. I’ve continued working on the novel I started during NaNoWriMo, all handwritten as I tend to do, then typed up. I’ve almost caught up to my handwritten stuff, and am now sitting at a tidy 57K.

Progress is definitely slower than it was during NaNoWriMo (otherwise I’d be done), but still happening. There’s two definite chapters that need to be organised/written, at which point all my characters converge into a single place. After that point, there’s three different paths they then go out on, which will vary between 1-3 chapters each. That should be the endpoint.

I mostly know what’s going to happen with the characters, except two of them. I don’t know which one of them will die. I’ll soon find out.

Besides that, I’ve been meeting with the writing group. (note to Sydneysiders – if you’d like to join us, please get in contact with me). At the moment we’re putting together some ideas for a collaborative world that we can do short-stories in, as well as working on our own projects.

That’s pretty much everything!

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