Sometimes I’m Not Here

Dear Reader,

Okay, dear readers – I know there’s more than one of you.

I know things have been a literal sporadic on the blog since the start of the year, but I promise there’s a great reason for it. I’ve been writing! I’m working away on the NaNoWriMo piece I began in November, yep, the same one I’ve been talking about the last few times. It means the advice side of things has slowed, but so too have the updates themselves. I also (from time to time) post about what I’ve been working on, or what my progress is like on Twitter and Facebook. They’re less structured than these updates can be, but more off-the-cuff.

See, Fictioner’s Net has a facebook page. That’s it, that’s the link to it. My usual process for a day is to think about what I’m writing, then put on my writing playlist that goes with whatever novel I’m working on (in this case, FMTEE), and then start writing. On Monday, instead of writing a scene, I took the time to do some planning. I planned out the rest of the novel, as I imagined it. Some of that required me to go back to a few scenes, or inject some new ones earlier in the piece. Today, I started on one of them. A few ideas that had been crucial in one story thread became especially relevant to the scene, except the character in question knew exactly what was happening (whereas the first pair affected did not). I was so excited about the way this culminated that I threw off a quick status on the train – yep, it’s on the list.

The other thing I have (which is linked elsewhere on the page) is Twitter. Most of what goes there is an echo chamber for what I post here, but occasionally there’s a few musings. Much more active on my personal account, but overall some writing stuff does happen on the one for the site.

If there’s a specific topic you’d like me to chat about, or if you’d like to write a guest post, or you want to contact me for some other reason, please get in touch!


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