Another Update

I’m on the final stretch, at least of the first draft. The end of the story is in sight, and I estimate there’s a minimum of seven scenes left to write, and potentially somewhere around twelve.

Scenes have varied in length throughout the novel, but as a general rule, there’s usually three or four per chapter, and my chapters average around 2500 words. That’s anywhere from 4K up to 10K left. Again, first draft so it’s hard to say what will be added or cut in the next draft, but it’s great being this close to the end.

I have my writing group again tomorrow (unfortunately missed out on it for the first time last week, due to sickness). A lot of writing will likely take place tomorrow as a result.

Maybe it’s time to get back to a nano-like schedule so I can see the end of this draft sometime this month? Definitely considering it.

There are definitely a few plotpoints that need to be rewritten earlier in the story and it’s something I’ll work on in the next draft, but the vast majority is about improving what’s there. I have certain places for setting, and I want them to seem authentic to the locations they’re meant to be reflective of. I want my version of Sydney to be plausible as a future Sydney. I have details about characters that weren’t very clear before that will change now that I know more about their personality, most of which simply emerged through the writing of the story. I’ll have some fact-checking required, especially for places that I don’t know quite as well as the city I call home.

The story is still about an exodus from Earth. It’s still focused on very different lives that intersect in one way or another. However there’s also a substory. In some ways it’s a fantastic cover for the changes. Life between now and the time period of the story didn’t run absent. There were huge problems, and one in particular affected the way the world went. It’s relevant to the lives of two of the primary characters for two of the story threads, and one of the majors from the third thread. I can’t wait until I’m no longer being vague about all this, because I’m very excited about how it’s going. That extra layer was something that was there as backstory, but it’s not until I came closer to the ending that I saw the proceedings of the real story as an aftershock of those ‘historic’ events in the setting.

I guess that’s one of the perks of having a convoluted process!

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