Bring on some accolade

Competition brings out the best. Maybe not in us exactly, but in general. Because I love attention, I’ve decided to enter the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Blogs competition again. Yup, the same group that runs the one I entered last year.

There’s a lot of extra content here compared to where I was last time around, and in the months since I entered I’ve actually mingled with writers.

There’ll be a People’s Choice round again, though the voting for that doesn’t take place for another two weeks. I’ll be sure to ask people to vote when it comes around.

While I was a little skittish about entering, I know Fictioner’s Net is better than it was a year ago. The format is cleaner, the writing better, and there’s been a few ‘features’, notably The Plan Plan and The Gamer’s Journey. On those alone I could sit proud with what’s here, but everything in the Writing category at the side of the page has some measure of worth. The readers may not be the most vocal or interactive, but they’re here.

It’s probably not the best blog, though it’s certainly my best. It might not be one of the best either, but it can stand among them.

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