Everything writerly feels a bit more real this week, and it’s for that reason I’m ignoring the red line my browser is putting under the word writerly.

I recently sent the start of For More Than Earthly Ends to a friend. When I say ‘the start of’, I mean the first 90% of the novel. Everything but the ending that I was still writing.

No, it’s not finished. Yes, it’s the first draft.

I’ve had people read print-outs before. Had people read electronic copies of a first-draft novel before. The moment that made it feel a bit more real, was when my friend sent me this in a message.

It's on a kindle!
It’s on a kindle!

It’s actually been read! It’s not even finished, and yep, being read. Wrote out another bit of closure today, I’ve got three chapters left to go and who knows how many drafts. It’s over 75K and… it’s being read.

Okay, maybe validation isn’t the right word. This isn’t that. This is like… unf!

4 thoughts on “Validation

    1. I can never tell when I’m inventing words or just using poor dictionaries. Do love seeing it published even in this sense, though can’t imagine how exciting it would be to have an actual book of it. I look forward to finding out!

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