Writing Musts: Be Human

The biggest caveat with writing advice is that you should treat it as a suggestion, rather than an unalterable truth. It’s a point I belabour here whenever the topic of writing advice comes up, in a general, non-specific sense: If it doesn’t work for you, ignore it.

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It’s All Downhill From Here

It only stand to reason that I’d get this specific type of news, and feel my usually-adequate ability to express myself stripped away. Good things do this. The fierce torrent of rage and misery that comes out when something terrible happens can be more easily channelled into coherent arguments, but the blissful moments?

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The Re-Read, and then I go crazy.

Howdy 🙂 It’s been a little while since I’ve done an update, which wasn’t much of an update and more of a way of shirking responsibility. I completed the first read of my first draft, and while it was difficult at times to not start changing things around, I was able to get through it.

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The Flashback Episode

You remember the sitcoms where they’d start showing a collage of moments from various episodes in the past, just plugging in old bits of content as filler, and otherwise taking up room? They try and push the jokes and punchlines that out-of-context make little sense. Well, that’s what this post is!

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Writing Musts: Except Your Brilliance

After toiling away at the first draft of a novel, pouring so much enthusiasm into the beast, heaping tremendous amounts of your own brilliance into your storytelling with an assortment of carefully chosen words and plot development, expectations can run high.

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Beyond the First Draft

It would be easy to blame NaNoWriMo for the extent with which this blog focuses on what is essentially first-draft stuff. The lessons are chiefly targeted at getting your story written, embracing the creative process in a way that maximises your output (by stopping you from stopping), and I have no problem with that being the case.

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The Holding Pattern

It’s almost two weeks since I finished the first draft for For More Than Earthly Ends, and it’s still with some of the beta readers, though there’s been a bit of feedback. I’m not really writing about that at the moment, but I’ll say that while there are criticisms (and who wouldn’t expect that on a first draft), so far it’s been positive.

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Writing Musts: The Premise is a Promise

Grr, Endings!

On the outside looking in, endings seem so simple. We read a book that ends in an unsatisfactory manner, watch a season finale that seems to go nowhere, or finish a game that somehow drives us to making demands of its creators.

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Fictioner’s Net is in the #BestBlogs14 People’s Choice Round

It’s here! I entered this blog into the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blogs competition this year, and while the judges are still machinating over who they’re going to push through to their own rounds, there’s this.

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Writing Musts: Use Your Characters

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any books on writing. I still read through blog posts about writing and do flick through the books I have at times, but the seek-advice stage of my writing has passed.

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