It’s All Downhill From Here

It only stand to reason that I’d get this specific type of news, and feel my usually-adequate ability to express myself stripped away. Good things do this. The fierce torrent of rage and misery that comes out when something terrible happens can be more easily channelled into coherent arguments, but the blissful moments?

They don’t need the words. They exist to be felt, and subsequently remembered.

Today is one of them, but given the exact type of good news it is, not writing about it would be a crime.

I mentioned back in March that I’d be entering this blog into the Australian Writers’ Centre’s best Australian blogs competition. The winners will be announced on the 7th of May, but the finalists were just announced. I’ll spare you the suspense. I’m one of them. Scroll down to the Words and Writing category, and there is Fictioner’s Net. This place.

It is immensely humbling to be a finalist. It’s the sort of thing one might expect to bolster arrogance or amplify a self-assured smugness that would theoretically come with some sort of recognition, but it’s not the case. If someone looks at my words and my ideas, and thinks I’m doing a good job of saying whatever I’m trying to say, that’s amazing. Attention and praise is a gift, not a payoff to be demanded. When someone on our tiny, crowded world recognises what you’ve done, and spent their time (a thing they can never get back), how can you be arrogant about it?

It’s almost a decade since I was part of the community around Lionhead’s The Movies game, and I had a similar experience there (though nothing to this level). One of the short machinima films I’d done inspired someone to do something of their own.

In general, writing is one of those things for me. The content here is halfway between advice for others (in the hope that it’ll be useful to at least one person that reads it), and being a sounding board for myself. Sure, I hope it’s also entertaining, just like I hope that For More Than Earthly Ends is also entertaining (and that’ll be even more so once the next draft is complete).

So, is it downhill from here? Do things get easier? I don’t know, but I have my doubts. A more likely scenario is that the bits that require work change. Thinking up new ideas for things to blog about has been okay, because I’m actively writing elsewise, and whatever small blockages I run into become fodder for blog topics.

Do they go downhill in the other sense? Does this count as a peak? I hope not, but it won’t stop me. The last time I thought the blog had peaked was October 9, when I released The Plan Plan as preparation for NaNoWriMo. The time before, August 31, when The Gamer’s Journey was published. Eventually there’ll be a peak. There always are. The important thing is that it really doesn’t matter if that’s then, now, or November 7, 2015.


None of this moves me any closer to writing the second draft of FMTEE, and while this has been a good news day, that’s my major focus in the world of writing. Expect a lot more on that, and as I get into the nitty-gritty of what needs changing, expect the entries here to be targeted more toward critiquing, editing and rewriting (as it follows my own journey through the writing process).

Thanks to everyone that reads this blog, and has shown me such great support since I started it. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as active on here if not for you. So yeah, this is your fault 😉


3 thoughts on “It’s All Downhill From Here

  1. Congratulations! Why wouldn’t you be one of the finalists though? It doesn’t surprise me. You’ve put so much work and thought into your blog, it just makes sense.

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