Writing Talk: The Two Must-Do Things

Short one today. This seems to be the state of much advice, ie, that you must cover both points below…

1. Get rid of every single adverb. Clean up your sentences. Make them tight. Simple yet eloquent. In short, what everyone else is doing. Active voice. Whatever tense is in vogue. Only show, never tell. Don’t diverge from this style.

2. Stand out with a distinct, inimitable voice/style.


Does anyone not see a complication here? I don’t mean in terms of balancing two – I mean in terms of outright adherence to these.

5 thoughts on “Writing Talk: The Two Must-Do Things

      1. Sorry, I should have elaborated. I feel there is a place of both. At times you need to stay within the lines but other times you need to speak through your own voice. As long as you understand the rules then breaking them to create your voice is ok

    1. I find writing rules are a lot like the pirate’s code – they’re more like guidelines than anything.

      Also not sure if someone else has said the same because it sounds familiar.

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