The First Shuffle

Following on from my recent post, I enacted the new approach, at least in terms of writing (though yes, I’m also addressing the game-related stuff in my own way, as described in the post). I started dabbling in a piece of fanfiction where I could switch my brain off and just write, which is perfect for something I’m passionate about but where I’m okay with things being off.

It’s a continuation of a piece I thought about a while ago, and I’m not exactly sure where it’s going to go (though I have an idea for how it all culminates), and it was originally going to be the endpoint of this ridiculously mapped out saga that my current WIP kicks off, but it still feels like it belongs more in that other universe (even if it’s my original characters in the story that I’m most excited about).

It’s been good for getting my creativity moving, and pushing myself into the habit of just writing without overthinking it. Best of all, it’s bleeding through.

I finally finished the redraft of another chapter, and it’s the first where the event sequence changed. I’m not sure if I’ve described my chapter flow before for FMTEE, but in short- three main threads happening, over different locations, until they all intertwine.

If we consider the threads to be described as A, B and C, this first shuffle involved taking an event from the start of chapter B2, and bringing it forward to the end of B1. The stuff that previously happened at the end of B1 would be pushed back to a separate point in chapter B2.

The reason for this is I’m attempting to fix the pacing of the B-thread. I don’t think the characters in B follow their due courses enough to ring true at the moment, and I want the main character from B-thread to be a more proactive force in their own life.

There’s a few more things like this that have to happen, moving events up or down along A-thread, B-thread and C-thread. C-thread is the next one to work on, and that requires a different approach. The current draft of C-thread has a development in C1 that was unsatisfactory to me, so at the time I re-attempted the development in C2. It worked better there, but means C1 needs adjustment so that it doesn’t contradict C2. A-thread, well, it’s down to making sure the protagonist is 1) an agent in her own story and 2) not living a life without consequence.

There’s lots more to be done besides, but setting up the new basis for A,B and C is where I’m at right now. The aftermath of the union of the three threads (as opposed to them merely crossing over, which is what happens earlier) also needs additions, but that’s for a future day and update.

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