Writing Talk: I’d Like To Have A Word…

I ran into an interesting problem just recently – someone asked to see some of my writing! This was a little outside the norm for me because while I’m always talking about it (and yes, actually doing it), it’s usually only once I fish around for someone to look around at my things that people want to see any of it. Today, basically right now, is a little different.

I was chatting about an idea/concept that’s prevalent in the fantasy story (/stories) I started in NaNo 2012, and I was asked if I had any samples to show.

I kind of do, but then I also don’t. So while I’m still working on FMTEE, and doing all the other bits and pieces, I think I ought to put it all together in a more accessible format. And have it all linkable from here.

Sure, some of it is around at the moment. There’s a poem, the short story I wrote for my wife, a first draft prologue, some shorter sprints, etc etc… but it’s really not *that* accessible. Maybe the blog posts handle that to some degree, but it’s not really the same as fiction.

I’m definitely going to look into putting some stuff together, and trying to be organised. I don’t know if it’ll be a few sample chapters from WIPs (maybe starting chapters for some of them), or the short stories, or whatever else.

So other writers, here’s today’s question – do you make your writing available beyond either self or traditional publishing? What sort of things do you host (okay, it’s a kind of self-publishing). Is that the kind of thing the WordPress Portfolio (which looks like a new thing) is meant for? Thoughts in general? Even what you’d like to see in terms of written, non-bloggy content.

4 thoughts on “Writing Talk: I’d Like To Have A Word…

  1. I don’t have the stories that I want to get published on my blog, but I have posted one story on my blog so far. I will definitely be writing more later on.

  2. I probably wouldn’t put that stuff up anywhere on the Internet. Maybe Dropbox because you can set that to private. But, that’s me. I worry about the nature of the Internet. When I was ghost blogging for someone (yes, not the same as fiction), the posts were “repurposed” (if by that I mean, completely lifted from the original post I created) for other websites. Theoretically, we could have gone after them for copywrite infrignment but what a PITA. If someone is asking to see it, I’d send it directly to that person. Anything you put up on a blog/portfolio/whatever, I’d be prepared to possibly loose control over it.

    Also, how cool that someone’s asking to see your stuff?! Awesome!

    1. I’ve always figured it was a mixed bag. While on the one hand, I know I have lots of ideas I can always go to, there’s ones I probably wouldn’t do that with (especially not in their entirety).

      It’s pretty exciting 🙂

  3. If it’s something that is not published yet, there is the potential to have someone steal your ideas or actual prose. I don’t put up anything that isn’t actually published, although I’ll chat freely about writing or my work.

    I’m a bit of a perfectionist, too, which means I don’t like to show anyone anything that isn’t polished – even to my nearest and dearest. 🙂

    That said, plenty of people do put their works-in-progress in front of an audience and gain feedback for doing so. So, it’s really a matter of personal choice. The most important thing would be to feel at ease with your decision.

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