Not Dead

I live!

Well, kinda. I’ve been very sporadic with my blogging over July, and it’s been a similar situation with regard to writing. Now that it’s the start of August, that will hopefully change.

 Writers do have a tendency to clutch for excuses to validate why they’re not writing, but I think this time I might have something real. On July 16, my wife gave birth to a baby girl, Octavia.
Princess Tavie
Princess Tavie
Totally worth it. I’m now trying to rebuild a routine, perhaps not the one I had before but still a routine, with the goal of really getting on with the job with my novel. Blog updates will still happen, but maybe more infrequently than they have been prior.

What’s Happening With FMTEE?

The rewrite is continuing. Progress has slowed immensely. I’m trying to push myself back into the old schedule (which in itself was lacking), but nothing is flowing quite as well as it was a month ago. There’s no blockages to speak of. I haven’t suddenly found myself less capable of writing stuff I like, though the gap between then and now has raised some questions over the voice in my writing.
Is it different now? Maybe. In some ways I’m a different person… again.
As I wasn’t really sure, I engaged the services of my ever-reliable beta-reader Kat, and asked her what she thought. There was a difference, but nothing so bold as I thought there might have been. This might be a beneficial thing if it serves to keep the writing fresh through a subtle style change.
As of last bit of work, I’m still rewriting the first scene of chapter five. Previously it was the last scene of chapter two, but it’s since moved to help build plotline B (sh) in a better way, to alter the character dynamic between characters RE and LJ, and to increase the impact of the introduction of character S. Doing that has also given a more specific tie between characters S and YA.
As it was two months ago, it’s these early formative chapters that have the most change. They’re setting the tone for certain characters, streamlining plot progression and removing the leaps of logic. At the same time, it’s possible that the intertwining of events is becoming more complicated, but I also see that as a good thing.
Recent life experiences have also given some inspiration with regard to the writing, but I’ll write about that in a separate post.


How was July for your writing life? What are your plans for August?

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