The Inevitable Quiet

I don’t think I’ve had a blog that hasn’t fallen off into inactivity at some point or another, and this is probably the worst that’s hit Fictioner’s Net since I began. While I hope to get back into a routine over the next few weeks, I thought I’d at least address what’s been happening.

First of the big things, is I have a newborn! Mentioned earlier, but yep. She’s almost two months old and starting to get into a decent routine (as well as all the fun stuff like smiling and giggling and yeah, a lot of poop). With that, chores are on the higher side, which limits free time at the moment.

Second is writing. I’ve been continuing to rewrite For More Than Earthly Ends, and am definitely making progress on it, though it’s a slow thing. I want it right over ready, which means spending more time on it (rather than a quick edit and send to an agent), but it means I’m much more sure of how it’s going than I was before. I’ve also been doing some additional writing, on Games. In August I did my first write-up about an event for a bonafide Gaming news site, and capped off the month with a developer interview on The Sims 4. My first paid writing gig!

Third, NaNoWriMo. Right, so it’s not November yet, but it’s coming. I’ve met with my new co-coordinator, and started planning out exactly what we’ll do, event-wise. It’s not the busy period yet, but it’s coming.

In the meantime, I’ll see what I can drum up in terms of actual writing advice for here, however if there’s a topic you want addressed, I’m more than happy to write a targeted piece.

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