The Inner Turtle

I’m behind.

That’s not a general missive on the state of my being, but an expression of my state as it pertains to NaNoWriMo. I’m behind.

It’s only day three, but I’m sitting on around 1000 words. The on-track target for the end of the day is 5000 words. With luck I’ll have the chance to write at least 500 more today, which I’m considering a reasonable minimum, given that life itself is many kinds of busy. Moving house, moving jobs, three month old, writing work, being an ML and yeah, there’s more besides them.

Yet I’m not panicked.

I’m writing something that I came up with on a whim, and while I wasn’t taking this new world very seriously when I first threw concepts around, it is growing on me. So far there’s been two scenes – one with the intended protagonist and his kind-of antagonist, the other with a glimpse of the support characters. I’m not sure if this means I really have deuteragonists in the major support character and the original antagonist, but it’s possible. What’s more, even the small details present already inform a level of richness that seems improbably for a hastily formed setting.

In a scene I’ve established some semblance of technology, a form of government and political conflict. In a second, I’ve introduced Mars, given it a history (and in fact, physical ruins), and brought in the cast-offs. All of this is world-building or scene-setting. It’s introducing the world with gradual details, and giving it enough of an outline to present a shape, and then the smallest, most insignificant descriptions that set it apart.

It might not be great. Far too early to say. In some ways it feels similar to my first NaNo, what with a character from outside a setting being put into a world he’s not a part of. Sure, that’s a common one beyond my own writing, but I recognise that it’ll be leaning toward the ‘adopted outsider’ story (at least on the surface). Unlike the story I started last year, November 30 is the cut-off for this particular one. Not saying that I won’t jump back in to it later, but the rewrite of last year’s takes precedence.

In terms of the plan for what’s next, there’s a few things I need to do – vital parts of my routine. Firstly, I need to make a playlist. It’s not NaNo without a playlist. I’m lucky in that I’ve found a song that nails a pivotal scene, so it’s going to be the formative track. More will come. The next is revising my ten point plan. See, I neglected to do one. I have a half-finished plan, and I haven’t even reached the first point on it. Lastly, once all the moving is done, habit. Whether that means write-ins become more of a thing for me, or I set up an area in the new home to write in, it’s all needed to facilitate the habit.

Perhaps I’ll have to start warring. Well, of the wording kind.

One thought on “The Inner Turtle

  1. Thank goodness I am not alone in being behind. I sat down tonight (November 5th – 8,335 word target) with less than 1,700 words on the page. I’ve been sick, kids had music lessons, I had to Google to find others in the same boat as me…blah blah blah. However, hang in there! I think it’s possible to ‘catch up’ by the end of the week. A few hours of inspired writing (or, you know, mindless typing) can make all the difference. 🙂


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