Nobody Reads Anything

They like it or follow as the headline scrolls by

But the idea of reading it doesn’t take root.

Even clicking the title seems a price just too high,

and growing seeds of ideas? They just want the fruit.

And yet still they like it, though the page be unseen.

Is there a point to that? A reason? A why?

Maybe they skim, missing the words in-between,

but it’s a lot to take in from some random guy.

There’s too many words and the point isn’t clear,

seems more like discussion than a neat, easy list.

Might as well stop reading it here,

there’s a semblance of something and I might have the gist.

Nobody’s reading now, they’ve scrolled to the end

there’s too many words for one person to read.

The point should be there, the identified trend,

and then I can make up my mind with some speed.

Each day there’s a hit though there’s usually more,

and it matters not what’s gone up on the site.

Sometimes there’s lots but there’s no hard or fast law

that can predict if the views will be heavy or light.

Whether I publish, well, there it is.

Whether I comment or not, there’s a hit.

They look at About and see “oh, it’s his”

but that’s as far as they go with this shit.

There’s too many words now and yawn, where I am now?

Why did I open this – who linked me here?

I’m on this strange page and I don’t even know how,

and there’s not even pictures? Read, no no dear.

So I look at the chart as there’s a rise or a fall,

grouping the numbers by days, months or weeks,

hoping to comments notifications will call,

and glimpses of opinions delivered in peeks.

Yet nobody’s talking and everyone’s still,

Cause nobody’s reading a word of this crap.

And the sporadic views are no longer a thrill,

unless they’re from somewhere unique on the map.

Do you have an opinion, a solitary thought?

Why the hell isn’t it posted on here?

Write your bloody comments so I can retort,

and reduce all dissent to flashes, all mere.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Reads Anything

  1. I feel this sentiment, more often than I would prefer. When I think about it a moment, I see it is me, to which you refer. Not only me i suppose, there are others, and maybe more who knows. If they take a moment, as have I, They could ponder a moment, and potentially stop by. Sometimes it may feel as if there’s no point in writing whether slow or with speed. If no one often, if ever, takes a moment of their time, to sit down and read.

  2. This made me laugh. Maybe because of the honesty.
    I have had to come to accept that my writing is that: for me. It is mine. And though I would love others to read it, it will probably only be me. Or if by some miracle, another had read it, I would never know. My stuff is too long anyways.

    Just like this comment. ;D

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