I don’t know if I’ve talked about it before (probably), but a big part of why I write is to provoke discussion. When it comes to advice, or my game journalism stuff for Save Game, I hope that I’m being informative and that people are getting benefits that way.

When it comes to the other stuff, whether it be my fiction or those anecdotes that lie somewhere in between, naturally I want to be interesting – even entertaining – but more than that, I hope to trigger conversation.


At writing group (when I go. I’ve been a bit distracted this year), if I launch into summaries of what’s happening in my novels (past, present or planned), it’s because I hope it’s interesting enough to spark questions. I want “For More Than Earthly Ends” to sweep people into a world worth talking about, and I want anything else I write (fiction-wise) to do the same.

Fame or fortune, don’t know that those would ever happen, but they’re not the motivators. Might even be a little bit of ego there, in presuming I’ve got these imaginary bits that are worth the time and attention of potential readers, but that’s what I want.

And uh, making people cry.

That’s the best, most tangible explanation of why I do it, though it’s not always easy to articulate. Sometimes it’s just a longing, a calling heeded because I’m gonna be a irritable prick if I don’t get these ideas and characters and stories out of my head.

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