Cliques Are Stupid

I hate them. I hate dealing with them. I hate the stress of them.

There’s a propensity for the previously downtrodden to think their troubled past or exclusion from popularity is some kind of excuse, as though they’re the only ones that had it rough. Newsflash, you didn’t. Just because you were an outcast in High School doesn’t mean it’s your turn to cast out others when you’re out.

No, you are out. The rest of the world is not a stand-in for an acne-ridden bully who made your teens hell. It’s even less of a stand-in when they’re expressing love for that same thing that was a beacon of light for you. Art, games, writing, comics, movies, sports, whatever. You think you’re the only ones that hid from a scary world in the welcoming infinity of their passions?


That’s the wonderful thing about the world now. The things we thought only WE did, we know are shared. Doesn’t that make it better? We’re not the offshoot of some non-human race secretly biding our time until Cylon Command sends a signal and we tear shit up. We’re human – perhaps different to those we grew up with – and even there you don’t really know – but human.

I was stupid once. Maybe more than once. Probably more than once. I was stupid a lot.

One of my go-to salves was music. Not the popular kind, but soundtracks. I can remember thinking (in my teens) that I was weird for that. I didn’t know anybody who did the same, and that was no different once I got to university. Whatever was on radio, I didn’t really care, but ooh, new orchestral soundtrack? All over that.

But here’s how I was stupid. Not only did I not know anybody that did what I did, it never occurred to me that the whole reason I was able to, was because shitloads of people ALL OVER THE WORLD must’ve done the same. I didn’t buy the only copy of the soundtrack – I was one of many, and never realised it.

It’s easy to think we’re alone when we’re lonely, but if your mind’s decided you’re gonna feel lonely, it doesn’t matter how alone you are or aren’t. Maybe that breeds resentment for some. Thing is, you’re still special. Someone else liking that thing you do, it unites us. Then we can make fun of all the sheeple that don’t like that vastly superior thing we d– wait, that’s not it.

Oh yeah, cliques are stupid.

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