Enter title here

As I throw some thoughts into here, the ones below (ooh, time travel? Nah, just editing. Well, writing. Shhh), there’s a blank space up top that reads “Enter title here.”

I like that. That’s why it’s there on the post.

I’m putting this in challenges because I plan to challenge myself today. It’s been too long since I’ve written properly, and yep, it’s the fiction that I’m talking about.

I think it’s time to write something, almost anything, but something fictional. Since I have my bits and pieces that I have reserved for other works, I’ll probably steer clear of my preferred genre of science fiction. I might even leave fantasy alone, and leave whatever ideas fit such settings to the future works already mapped out.

Well, those particular settings or whatever.

I don’t know exactly what form that idea will take right now, so let’s think it over. I want something fun, maybe dark, and – wait, am I describing coffee here? No. Maybe. We’ll see.

Aside from some other stuff, I think this is a solid idea. Write a thing. Write many things sure, but start with a single one.

Anyone want me to write something for them? Give me a title. Maybe you’ll get something in return.


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