Entry 3: A Running, Jumping, Digging-Holes Game*

Right, so maybe there’s no digging holes just yet. Also do you have ANY idea how old that bloody description is? There’s also no failure states or challenges or score, but there is running and jumping and a peculiarly physics-enabled platform that you can move (by running into it) so that you can jump onto another platform.


Okay, maybe not, but I’m making progress! I’m stuck again, but I’m making progress. As said before, I’m going through the Paper2D tutorials for Unreal Engine 4. I had a little trouble with the camera setup earlier (details below) but the area I’m at currently (and also stuck on) is this part of the tutorial: (Link). It’s the bit where you make a platform that moves around. I think it may be part of the default template, but I’m not sure. Either way, it’s not working, but…

I did eventually find what was wrong with my thingy; that’s the uh, camera viewpoint on play thingy. Looked as though I’d added the component spring-arm and camera to an instance of the Character (which I didn’t need) rather than the class. As this wasn’t translating through to the player start (lack of inheritance as it wasn’t on the base blueprint class), it kept everything in perspective.

The way I discovered this was restarting the tutorial, finding that most of the early runs were ‘simulates’ not ‘plays’, and then skipping ahead to the camera-boom tutorial.

Somewhere along the line I’d also removed the character from the view and dragged it back in, and found that I had to redo all the jump/gravity changes (and it’s that which clued me in to the fact I hadn’t been working on the class definition itself)

As far as the current bit of the tutorial goes, the main problem I’m having is that when I create a new Actor blueprint, it’s not letting me add a component to it which… being away from it and typing it out… makes me wonder if that’s the wrong approach. There are bits and pieces that are different between the UE4 version in the video and what’s available now, but shouldn’t there be a special lift sprite first, or shouldn’t it be attached to the existing platform sprite? Hmmm. The current previous for the blueprint is a sphere, and there’s a sphere attached, and not a lot is changeable. It’s seemingly locked in a read-only mode, which is weird and mysterious, but not in the way where you’re attracted to it… cause it’s a locked sphere blueprint.

Also just using the default sprite graphics at the moment, so will need to throw together some basic pixel crap to make it all a bit more interesting, but that’s also a later-thing.

One thought on “Entry 3: A Running, Jumping, Digging-Holes Game*

  1. In case anyone’s listening, starting over with the editor today, the Components were working. The tutorial is now complete and working 🙂

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