Revisiting Your World

So time to talk about For More Than Earthly Ends, that thing I should be working on more but have had trouble fitting in after moving house, jobs, offices, gaining a baby, having a regular game journalist gig, and well, all those other bits of life. I have been floundering on the rewrite since about December, and a lot of the reasons listed above are big reasons.

I’m still struggling with one particular chapter, and I think it’s because there’s a lot more that happens in it than originally did.

Most of the ‘productive’ stuff I’ve done has been around world-building, and making notes about the state of the different locations it’s set in.

I have a chunk of stuff that happens in Sydney, where I live, and can pinpoint the exact street where the events in question will take place in the distant future. There’s a bigger section that happens in Seattle, which I’ve never been to, though I’ve asked lots of questions, spent time in google maps, and even spent a few nights listening to online police scanners run by one of the news services over that way. I don’t know if I’ll have authenticity in it, and it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to visit, though admittedly it was just circumstances that led me to choose it as one of the three cities. The third is Shanghai, which I’ve been to once before, though it was before I’d started working on this.

Well, around the time I was planning, but before I’d started writing.

Tomorrow I’m going back there.

It’s going to be interesting for me, being in a place I’ve written about, and seeing how the ideas about the place I’d formed the first time differ from my new experiences. There’s also this one particular scene, it’s throwaway and scenery but also endemic to the characters and location, and it’d be kind of cool to sit in that spot and actually rewrite that scene while being able to soak in the place itself.

There are a lot of little bits and pieces I want to get right with this story. In some ways a little of my old perfectionist streak is coming out in the rewrite, and it’s sort of a bad thing, because that’s the same one that saw me not finish a thing. I want to get it further along, and really need to get through yet another chapter. I know something similar to this happened with another chapter earlier on, though that was focused on a different location. Maybe each thread will have its moment that needs to be reworked and revised, just enough to give the overall story a little extra quality.

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