I Wrote A Thing…

That’s what we say now, ain’t it.

Here’s my little spiel, entry, a post, write-up, thoughts, a few words, or the like. We don’t write stories or articles or features, but things and bits and just plain about.

Maybe it’s not what everyone says, but for those new, unestablished or otherwise finding their way, that’s what we present as a label. We test the waters, hoping that someone will put another label on it, and then we can start using it. We don’t want to call that piece we’ve been researching for weeks and redrafting anything special, because we don’t want to presume. We write our things and instead of putting them in a cabinet with a focal light so everyone can see it, we leave it on a proverbial table, mention it’s there and if anyone wants to read it, they’re free to do so.

But that’s not what’s happening inside.

In our heads, we want to say “I wrote an article on a topic I really care about, and I think it’s pretty good – maybe my best one yet. And I want to share it with you, because I think you’ll enjoy reading it.”

Nah, can’t say that. I wrote a thing, anyone want a link?

Shit, we can’t even link the bloody thing now. That’s too presumptuous.

I get it. Really. I’m excited about a lot of the stuff I’m writing, or thinking about writing (okay, mostly thinking about) and it’s special to me. At the same time, I’m not published on the fiction side and the non-fiction is not even a year’s worth of writing for another site compared to people who’ve been doing this forever. There’s shades of imposter syndrome (which I even have in my day job that I’ve been doing over half my life) but mostly it’s just not being a significant contributor in those spaces.

So yeah, I get it. But here’s something to consider.

Social Media.

You might have a few hundred people watching you talk about how you burned your toast and there’s no presumption there, but something that has your insight is something you need to hold back on? You’re being ridiculous. That is so self-deluded. Nobody cares that you burnt your fricking toast but they’re listening to what you say because they want to hear from you. That’s not a presumption, it’s literally the only thing they get from following your work (or statuses or tweets).

So, own it. Call it what it is. Call it that thing you only call it on the inside and if you’re wrong, wait for people to tell you otherwise.

This has mostly been a letter to the insecure prick that writes this blog but if you get something out of it, good!

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