Entry 6: Bits and Pieces

I’ve done a little more with Unreal Engine.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about what I’m doing, and yeah, the starter projects and tutorials on the UE site along will take you further than this bit of exploratory development of mine, but I’m happy with how it’s going so far. I have (what I think) is a reasonable goal for a game to do with it – it’s a basic point-and-click which I know is probably easier done with other tools, but I also want to familiarise myself with the Unreal workflow.

My proof of concept puzzle I’ve set myself to tackle is a simpler version of my ‘first’ puzzle for the game. That proof is finding a key, unlocking a box, and using a switch inside the box.

A basic workflow for a switchable light. Assumes it is powered already.
A basic workflow for a switchable light. Assumes it is powered already.

I’m not following any strict tutorials for this, but am exploring bits and pieces through tutorials, documentation and the like. I’m starting off with Blueprints so I can focus on getting a handle on things, though I’m sure I can tackle that later if I brush up on the C-variants I used to know better.

In having that proof of concept to shoot for, I’m tackling bits and pieces slowly. The first was object interaction. I like how I can convert a shape I’ve added to a scene, into a blueprint.

A call to the original workflow from the switch

As you might’ve guessed, I’m only doing this every so often. There’s a lot of different projects I’m juggling (and I’m not the greatest juggler) but loading up the Epic launcher frequently enough that it’s gaining familiarity. I have a few other things (non-dev related) that I want to gain some traction on before I jump back in, but do expect more. I mean, a screen where you can click on some boxes to toggle their colour (yes, it’s upgraded) or flip a lightswitch ain’t all that.


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