Blacklists and bullshit.

Writing trash is a fortunate thing.

That’s my writing in that space. Trash.

Yeah, there’s some dicey game journalism stuff being talked about today. It’s annoying. Sometimes it does feel like we’re just repeating the bubble-wrapped bites, finding new words to reframe them in if we’re lucky.

It’s probably the worst part of the thing.

The best is people. Interacting with the various people you meet, making friends and all that, really the highlight of why it’s at all worth doing. Of course that becomes troublesome because if you’re more than cordial with anyone, IT’S APPARENTLY A PROBLEM but honestly, my shit is so small-time that it doesn’t matter. I’m sure half the time that the only people reading what I write are the ones I’m writing about.

Of course it’s not my place to spit out diatribe on a place that’s not mine.

It’s still difficult. Knowing what to talk about, trying to guide content without really knowing if anyone’s reading (much as things were here, it’s very much a case of broadcasting out into the void, and hearing only static on any return frequencies). I got into things pretty late on that side, and it seems the whole ‘print/text’ side of game journalism is dying. It’s all about the video and streams now, even if I still want to consume it as text myself.

The lateness means this is probably not going to go anywhere for me. Far more experienced people doing this more prolifically and with greater quality and yep, bigger audiences.

It’s also kind of predictable. Hype for thing not out. Quick thoughts on thing just out. Why thing that was just out isn’t as good as you thought. Is good thing bad? How did previously-good-but-now-bad thing go off the rails? It’s just quick posturing or forced disagreement, designed to get the nods of agreement or even better, the howls of disapproval. Coax them or shock them, so long as they respond.

We don’t talk about themes, burning questions, depth or quality. We might mention them. They’re boxes on a checklist, things we can state are or aren’t there, but not to discuss them – they’re to provide an air of nuance that takes the place of a discussion. We can say the story is bad, or the writing is bad, and not need to justify what that means. We can just say something like “mario maker has the best writing” and treat it as a maxim that needs no proving.

Why would we need to do that? Why would we need to justify something we believe? We can use the terms interchangeably too – writing for story, theme for idea, atmosphere for aesthetic. If we’re daring, we throw in the gaminess, any number of dissonance concepts that’ve been applied to the medium before, or hell, cultural imperialism seems to be the current flavour.

It’s so god damned tiring.

It reminds me of the shift in dialogue I saw a decade ago, in a tiny little corner of the internet. It started out as ideas and discussion, analysis of details and the like. It became a glazed-over recitation of a few random bits and pieces on the way to steering more traffic in a particular direction.

There were still some that wanted to discuss, or joke, or support each other – not surprisingly they’re the people from that corner I still speak to today.

Tangent aside, I dunno.

It’s not all bad, and I still mostly enjoy it, but still very much an outsider to the whole thing, and still sure nobody really cares.

It’s nice having access to games and talking to people but I don’t think anyone’s waiting on my words (besides maybe my word boss) so even if I go a bit deeper, it’s just people I’m sending links to that probably read it.

Not at all like things have been before.

Here gets a look-in sometimes. Honestly surprised I haven’t had a view-free day in ages, despite not really keeping pace with things.

In other news, I’m still working on the narrative (and other bits of writing) for Glory, the game I mentioned last time. Still haven’t quite made it to the whole writing-my-own-shit again yet, but it’s been on my mind, and I’m sure the day will come – even if it might not be before the year is out. I did have an idea on how my different personal fiction bits (in that one universe/setting) can link together even better, but that’s really just helping out my future self.

Anyway, just really wanted to rant in my own little world.

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