My Slice of Glory

I’m not a big proponent of cross-pollination with my pursuits. Whenever I was involved with an online community, I tried my best to make my involvement about that thing. Even with this blog, formed as it was out of the embers of NaNoWriMo 2012, I considered it inappropriate to promote it in places meant for NaNoWriMo. That also made it easier for me to stamp out self-promotion by others that’d otherwise hijack conversation.

I’ve seen that happen in some writing groups. They start well enough, but eventually someone gets to where they want to be. They get published. Whether it’s a self-starter or a traditional publishing route, promotion becomes a part of their nature at that point. Whatever groups they’re a part of are now a potential audience.

That always struck me as a disingenuous way to approach a community, and when in an admin role, an abuse of power.

My personal twitter or facebook accounts were a free-for-all for me to share (when I felt like it), but mostly it’s been spitting things out into the ether and seeing what sticks to the wall. When I first started writing for Save Game, I may have mentioned it, perhaps even linked to the site (and still do in the links area), but I wasn’t reblogging it here – because the core focus of Fictioner’s Net is writing – not me.

When I started writing for Glory, I shared it as a fact. I didn’t post about becoming Lead Writer for the game, though did update my about page to reflect it. I will probably write about what it’s like to write for a game and things around topic in the future, but there’s a good chance that’ll end up on the Glory site instead.

That said, Reach Game Studios sent a press release about Glory today. The new site for the game has gone live (and link time, yes, you can see the site for Glory here). In that press release, I was described as distinguished games critic and novelist.

And for today at least, I’m inclined to not argue with any of that at all.

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